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Kpack specially uses OMET XFlex X6 flexo printing machines, the top-class press with high productivity, efficiency and astonishing results. OMET XFlex X6 can print totally 11 colors (9 normal colors, silkscreen and cold foil). With our excellent printing performance, customers can decorate the most complex and creative label designs as well as premium labels with cold foil, silkscreen on a variety of substrates.
Our mother company (Kim Pai Thailand) had over 80 year experiences in printing. Moreover, with our well trained experts and technicians as well as extensive supply chain networks not only in local market but also in overseas, we truly ensure that we can supply the best quality products and the shortest lead time for delivery to valued customers.
The market of health and beauty, pharmaceutical, wine and spirit industries are very competitive and develop at a rapid pace especially in emerging countries. Innovation in design and printing packaging, labels can make your products shine and appeal potential customers.
Main markets of reference are: food and beverage, wine & spirits, health & beauty, pharmaceutical, industry, household and commerce.