Product Update
Product range
  • Kpack specially uses OMET XFlex X6 flexo printing machines, the top-class press with high productivity, efficiency and astonishing results. OMET XFlex X6 can print totally 11 colors (9 normal colors, silkscreen and cold foil). With our excellent printing performance, customers can decorate the most complex and creative label designs as well as premium labels with cold foil, silkscreen on a variety of substrates.

  •     Multilayer laminated tubes are produced with Aluminum Barrier Laminate (ABL) or Plastic Barrier Laminate(PBL)  depending on the customer's requirement. A full range of decoration, feel and technical performances are possible for a wide variety of products.

  •     We offer a range of extruded tubes for various personal care produts in the global market, including packaging for sunscreen lotions, hair care ointments, and a host of other skin care products. Food products and Household Care products also use our extruded tubes. Depending on the product type, we customize tubes for the specialist cosmetics industry. Kim Pai Lamitube uses machinery made by Breyer of Germany and printing machine from Polytype